The Eels on Wheels started in 1991 when a group of SCUBA instructors in Austin, Texas were teaching people with special needs and/or disabilities how to adapt and learn the sport of SCUBA Diving. Following a dive trip to Bonaire, the Eels on Wheels organization was formed to promote the sport of Adaptive Diving.

Adaptive Diving is just that: making the adaptations needed so that anyone, regardless of circumstances, can safely learn and participate in SCUBA diving

  • Level A divers are certified to dive with one person.The Handicapped SCUBA Association certifies the instructors, divers, and dive buddies. HSA utilizes three levels of certification:
  • Level B divers need two divers with them.
  • Level C divers must be accompanied by two divers with one being a rescue diver.

The Eels consist of both “Able Bodied” and “Adaptive” divers, although everyone involved considers themselves Adaptive Divers because of the training they all share. Eels on Wheels membership includes persons with disabilities, health-care professionals, and volunteer divers with specialized instruction as dive buddies.